Westwood Cross Housing

I am opposed to further housing development at Westwood Cross. A large part of the Westwood Cross site is in the Northwood ward I represent. There are lots of problems with traffic in all the roads at Westwood Cross.

You can read elsewhere about these traffic problems.

Click here for Haine Road.

Click here for Margate Road.

Until there is a better road system and traffic management I think it is wrong to biuld more houses. More houses will mean more cars which will add to the congestion.

I was pleased to have the support for this in January of 2010 of Steve Ladyman MP for South Thanet. Local residents Brian Heard (with dog on left of large photo) and Peter Smith (small box photo on left). In addition a number of my fellow Thanet Labour councillors attended: Richard Nicholson, Alan Poole, Iris Johnston, Clive Hart and John Watkins.



Map of Westwood wards, Northwood is at the bottom

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