Traffic Issues

Westwood Cross Traffic Fears

In October 2007 I spoke at Thanet Council predicting that there would be extra congestion following Thanet College’s move to its new campus. Many of the 8,000 students drive and this leads to parking in residential areas and difficulties with traffic flow.

Local businesses are affected as passing traffic cannot find space to park and pop in and shop.

More on Westwood Cross Traffic Problems

I have met with Kent County Council traffic engineers. Together with Kent County Councillors we held a public consultation meeting. Resident concerns were better pedestrian crossing, cycle lanes, cyclists riding on pavements.

I am pleased to say that there are now more and better “islands” in the middle of Margate Road to help people cross.

Traffic remains a problem especially on saturdays with shoppers at Westwood Cross. Many people are effectively “trapped” in their homes.

Margate Road - typical traffic queues

With Haine Road residents concerned about speeding.

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